Monday, January 24, 2011

01 : first post

salam sejahtera & salam satu malaysia.

im sure enough that all of us whether you are in PEMADAM or outsiders wonder why this blog have no updates. leave it blank. ok., i will tell you about it later.
now, this PEMADAM is not active for a while until KHAIRUL AZRI in charged in it. he tried to established it once again by asking his friends whom interested to join. but now, he disappointing because of not seeing this club going to be any good. 

if you in our shoes, surely you will understand what is happening. we have done a few paperwork, 3 paperwork had sent to head office but cannot proceed due to budget. we ain't know when the budget is cleared. 
i have listed below my reasons as one of the MAJLIS TERTINGGI and admin for this blog, why i haven't update any?

 a) let say i want to update about what is PEMADAM, or even types of drugs or maybe statistic of people who caught for drugs or what-so-ever things, don't you think it just copy and paste from the other site?clearly yes or i just rearranged the news but it is so not interesting :)

b) we don't have any activities to update, no cool pictures to be uploaded and nor hot stories to be told. 

c) we have to wait others to give information so we can update better.

sincerely, we don't have much time to update blog regularly as all of us got work to do, quizzes, tests and more. as my behalf, I'm sorry for giving much excuses but as for me, i really want to make this blog more than just a cool :)

p/s : next post is about HUDA, our own NYDP 's speech:) & about shirt that exclusively made for us

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